Int J Med Sci 2006; 3(1):26-27. doi:10.7150/ijms.3.26 This issue

Case Report

Hb J- Meerut [α 120 (H3) Ala ->Glu (α1)] In A Turkish Male

Gunçag Dinçol1, Serkan Güvenç1, Dedrey Elam2, Abdullah Kutlar2, Ferdane Kutlar2

1. Division of Hematology, Department of Internal Medicine, Istanbul Medical School, University of Istanbul, Çapa, Istanbul, Turkey
2. Titus H.J. Huisman Hemoglobinopathy Laboratory, Department of Medicine, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia, USA

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Dinçol G, Güvenç S, Elam D, Kutlar A, Kutlar F. Hb J- Meerut [α 120 (H3) Ala ->Glu (α1)] In A Turkish Male. Int J Med Sci 2006; 3(1):26-27. doi:10.7150/ijms.3.26. Available from

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Hb J Meerut is an infrequently found α-globin variant. It has previously been reported in various populations around the world. One particular case reported in 1994 included a Turkish family. In this report, details of a second case of Hb J Meerut in a Turkish male who is unrelated to the first family are described. In the present case a slight increase in the oxygen affinity of Hb J Meerut, relative to that of the normal control, has been observed as detected by low p50 values in arterial whole blood. Additionally, a slight increase in red blood cell count, as compared against a normal individual, was observed.

Keywords: Hb J-Meerut [α 120 (H3) Ala->Glu (α1)], DNA analysis, Turkish male, slightly increased oxygen affinity