Int J Med Sci 2007; 4(3):174-178. doi:10.7150/ijms.4.174 This issue


Evidence-Based Dentistry: What's New?

A. Ballini1,2, S. Capodiferro2, M. Toia3, S. Cantore2, G. Favia2, G. De Frenza2, F.R. Grassi 2

1. Department of Internal Medicine and Public Health, Division of Medical Genetics, University of Bari, Bari, Italy
2. Department of Odontostomatology and Surgery, University of Bari, Bari, Italy
3. Department of Oral Surgery, ICP – University of Milan, Milan, Italy

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Ballini A, Capodiferro S, Toia M, Cantore S, Favia G, De Frenza G, Grassi FR. Evidence-Based Dentistry: What's New?. Int J Med Sci 2007; 4(3):174-178. doi:10.7150/ijms.4.174. Available from

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The importance of evidence for every branch of medicine in teaching in order to orient the practitioners among the great amount of most actual scientific information's, and to support clinical decisions, is well established in health care, including dentistry.

The practice of evidence-based medicine is a process of lifelong, self-directed, problem-based learning which leads to the need for clinically important information about diagnosis, prognosis, therapy and other clinical and health care issues. Nowadays the practice of dentistry is becoming more complex and challenging because of the continually changing in dental materials and equipments, an increasingly litigious society, an increase in the emphasis of continuing professional development, the information explosion and the consumer movement associated with advances on the Internet.

The need for reliable information and the electronic revolution have come together to allow the “paradigm shift” towards evidence-based health care. Recent years have seen an increase in the importance of evidence-based dentistry, aiming to reduce to the maximum the gap between clinical research and real world dental practice. Aim of evidence-based practice is the systematic literature review, which synthesizes the best evidences and provides the basis for clinical practice guidelines. These practice guidelines give a brief review of what evidence-based dentistry is and how to use it.

Keywords: dentistry, evidence-based medicine, dental care/standards